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Campin' - Eagles Camp report 8.06.08


Could a former first round bust be rising from the ashes thanks to what looks like a new 2nd round bust?

Speaking of McDougle, he was matched up a lot against Winston Justice, Jon Runyan having the morning off as a 30-plus club member. In one sequence, McDougle beat Justice badly on three of four snaps.

If Jerome McDougle not only made the team but actually contributed this year... it would be one of the most unlikey comeback stories in NFL history. Considering everything this guy has gone through in his life and career, I don't see how anyone could be rooting against the guy. As for Winston Justice... I just don't know what to say with that guy.

It's good to be the King

As we all cringe upon hearing the news about former 2nd round pick OT Winston Justice and his struggles, we can take solace in the good about the news we're hearing about 7th round rookie OT King Dunlap.

The other day, Dunlap was matched against defensive end Trent Cole in one-on-one drills. Cole, a Pro Bowl selection last season known for wide-eyed ferocity even in drills, kept finding himself steered wide of the imaginary pocket by the big rookie's long reach.

"He's going to find a place on this team," Cole predicted yesterday. "D-ends hate people with long arms."

As devastating as it would be to have a 2nd round pick like Winston Justice end up a bust... what a coup it could be if the Eagles found their LT of the future in the 7th round. It will be very interesting to watch those 2 in preseason.

Andrews update

Since Shawn Andrews  publicly revealed that it was depression which was keeping him away from camp, the media has tried to paint Andy Reid as callous for his public handling of the situation over the weeks. Reid refused to comment on the specifics of the situation and repeatedly only referred to Andrews' absence as "unexcused." Andrews' agent Rich Moran revealed that Andy has been anything but callous.

It may have seemed at least a little bit callous when Eagles coach Andy Reid kept referring to Shawn Andrews' absence as unexcused, especially since the guard revealed Monday that he is being treated for depression.

The truth, according to Andrews' agent, is that Reid has been as supportive as anyone during the troubled player's 13-day absence from training camp.

"You could talk to Shawn, and he'd tell you the same thing," Rich Moran said during a phone interview from Orlando, Fla. "Andy has been nothing but sensitive to Shawn's situation. He didn't disclose this personal issue even though he has been peppered with questions about it."

Moran also said that upon hearing the news that Andrews would not be reporting to camp 24 hours before camp opened, Reid asked Moran to fly down to Arkansas and get Andrews to see doctor. Andy has been in contact both with Shawn and his doctor throughout the course of this ordeal. Reid spoke with Andrews yesterday and gave him Brian Dawkins' phone number, suggesting that Andrews give Brian a call. Yesterday Dawkins spoke about how he battled depression early in his career.

If Andrews is indeed fined 15k per day thanks to his unexcused absence, fines that could accumulate to over $200k, Shawn has offered to donate the money to a mental health charity. So far, the Eagles have never said whether or not Andrews will be fined.

Andrews issued an apology to the team and fans on NBC10

Andrews apologized to the Eagles, his teammates and the fans on several shows for the way he has handled his situation. "The way I handled things initially with the organization, I apologize for that," he said. "To my teammates, I apologize how I handled things. To the fans that care and to those that don't care, I apologize to everybody. The whole city of Philadelphia and every Eagles fan across the world."

Kevin Kolb is impressive, young

Yesterday was a day off for the 30+ club which mean Kevin Kolb was taking reps with first team. Several media sources at camp gave him praise

With McNabb off, Kolb got to run the first-team offense, minus the 30-something tackles Thomas and Runyan. The second-year QB had one of his better days.

Two plays that stood out: A perfectly thrown 50-yard pass to Greg Lewis for a touchdown that was threaded between cornerback Therrian Fontenot and safety Quintin Mikell, and a nicely placed end-zone pass to Hank Baskett after the quarterback had sprinted hard to his right.

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