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Eagles reveal first depth chart

Eagles web guy Dave Spadaro revealed the team's first official depth chart of the season today and it shed light on who seems to be winning the early position battles. Most of the chart is what you'd expect, but there were a few notables.

Wide Receiver

Everyone's favorite position to scrutinize... The top two are unchanged(Curtis & Brown) but Hank Baskett has emerged as the #3 followed by Avant, G-Lew, and Desean Jackson as #6. From the time I spent at camp and what I've read I'm surprised to see Baskett ahead of Avant, but otherwise the ranks are what I expected them to be.

Offensive Line

King Dunlap & Winston Justice are your backup LT & RT respectively. Mike McGlynn is listed as the backup LG. This suggests that Scott Young's days could be numbered...


Mikell and Dawk are the starters but JR Reed is the #2 FS and Considine is the #2 SS. With all the reports of how impressive Demps has looked I'm somewhat surprised to see him not getting a #2 job, but it is still very early and it's understandable the veterans would have the lead so far. Demps is listed as the 3rd string FS.

Tight End

Matt Schoebel is currently ahead of free agent Kris Wilson on the depth chart with LJ and Celek in the #1 & #2 spot. Coming into camp I would have been very surprised to hear that Wilson couldn't beat out Schoebel but there's no doubt that Matt has been the better player so far.


Joe Mays is listed as the backup MLB behind Stewart Bradley. I feel like if there were an injury there that eventually Gaither would end up in the middle before Mays... but it's nice to see the rookie as the #2. He seems to be beating out Pago Togafau for that spot.

Desean Jackson and Lorenzo Booker are your starting PR and KR.

Both Lito and Sheldon are listed as starting right corner backs. Really? Come on, are we that worried about hurting someone's feelings?

Dan Klecko is listed as a second string DT along with Trevor Laws. Klecko, who was a full back only a month ago, has earned praise from both Andy Reid and Jim Johnson this offseason and so far has a lead on the likes of Montae Reagor and Kimo Von O for what will probably the last roster spot on that line.

Those are the only spots Spadaro seemed to mention so far. I'm interested to see what the depth chart at DE looks like very much. Also I'd be interested to see who is leading the FB race.

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