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Eagles Notes: Klecko has a job, McGee doesn't, & Clemons still hurt

It appears that failed fullback Dan Klecko has become a successful defensive tackle and earned himself a spot on the Eagles 53 man roster.


Asked this week who the team's No. 4 tackle was now, Johnson almost seemed surprised by the question.

"That fourth defensive tackle is a guy by the name of Klecko," Johnson said. (Actually, Johnson said, "Glecko.") He looks pretty good to me right now. He had a good game the other night [against New England] and he's had a great camp."

Klecko has impressed his teammates along the line as well

"Man, Kleck is quick and slippery," Bunkley said. "He just knows how to work the edges. In order to be a great pass rusher, you have to know how to work the edges. He's a specialist at that."

It's also apparent in that article that Bunkley is so amused by Klekco, that he can't look at the guy without cracking up.

RIchmond McGee, it was nice knowing you. See you in camp next year.

There's been some suggestions that the Eagles might actually cut offseason acquisition Chris Clemons in order to make a place for Jerome McDougle on the team... After jumping on Clemons the first weekend of free agency and the fact that cutting him would cost the Eagles $4 million this year I'd say it's unlikey he doesn't make the team. That said, it's obvious that the coaches are frustrated

"We want him to be out there," Jim Johnson said before practice. "It is important to Chris. We'll have to see day by day. I don't know how hard he can go, but he needs to get out there and he needs to practice."

"We know Chris can play," Andy Reid said. "Do I want him to have more reps? Yes, I would love to have in there. But that's the way it is. He has to catch up when he can."

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