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Could the Eagles cut AJ Feeley?

I know this goes against traditional football wisdom, but would the Eagles be smart to go with just 2 QBs this year?


As we look up and down the roster there's a few spots where the Eagles have some tough decisions to make. At defensive end Jerome McDougle's encouraging form in the preseason has made that position much more interesting. Add in the fact that Victor Abiamiri is expected back at some point this year and will likely not go on IR... and the Eagles have a bit of a logjam. Obviously if Abiamiri can play, the team will want the second round pick at their disposal. After sticking with Jerome McDougle for 5 years how can they cut him now that he's just starting to show something? Chris Clemons has been injured and unable to make an impact so far, but the team jumped on him the first weekend of free agency and isn't about to give up on him before he even plays a game. Darren Howard, thanks to his versatility and solid reviews so far looks like he's got himself a roster spot... Rookie 3rd round pick Bryan Smith will obviously be on the team as will Juqua Parker and Trent Cole. That makes 6 DEs, and if Dan Klecko makes the team, 11 total defensuive lineman. Quite a hefty load.

However, as the Giants proved last year(and this year maybe moreso) you can never have enough pass rushers. Especially on a defense built to pressure the passer.

There's similar issues at WR. Kevin Curtis' injury means the Eagles are likely to have to keep an extra WR that they possibly wouldn't have if Curtis was going to be around. With Curtis expected back sometime around the bye, he won't be going on IR so he'll take up a roster spot. Linebacker is another position where the Eagles would love to find places for Joe Mays, Akeem Jordan, Rocky Boiman, and Andy Studebaker... but the numbers game may mean they have to let one of those guys go.

So where can the Eagles find a roster spot for an extra player they think can really help the team this year. Why not QB? Let's look at the facts. Clearly AJ Feeley is here to be nothing but the 3rd QB. The fact that he hasn't even played in two preseason games, where a 3rd QB normally plays more than he will all year, is all the evidence you need of his status here. If McNabb were to go down at any point this year, Kevin Kolb is clearly going to be the guy to step in. Literally, the only reason AJ Feeley is here is if both Kolb and McNabb were to get injured in the same game. Think about, say McNabb gets injured and he's done for the year. As long as Kolb can finish that game, the Eagles will be able to sign someone as a backup.... maybe even AJ Feeley if no one picks him up. We all saw what Feeley did when he got his chance to play last year, he threw 8 INTs in two and half games.

The argument against dropping Feeley is obvious. We don't need to look any further than 2002 where McNabb and backup Koy Detmer were injured and Feeley held down the fort until McNabb was ready to return for the postseason.

So here's the gamble. Is it more likely that Jerome McDougle makes a contribution to this team than it is that AJ Feeley is called upon to play? What about Darren Howard or Andy Studebaker? Is this a gamble you'd take?

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