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Eagles DBs having fun and Westbrook on Jackson


I got a kick out of this little note from the Eagles practice yesterday

After intercepting Donovan McNabb while covering Jackson, Asante Samuel shouted out, "75 percent of the world is covered by water. The other 25 percent is covered by Zont," which is Samuel's nickname ... Lito Sheppard got into the act as well, yelling, "Get that (stuff) out of here" after batting down a McNabb pass while covering Bam Childress, then heaving the ball 40 yards back toward the offensive huddle and nearly hitting assistant coach Otis Smith in the head

Sounds like those guys are confident and having a good time which is a very good sign. Good teams know how to have fun playing the game.

Last week I mentioned how it seemed like the Eagles organization were making a concerted effort to downplay the impact of Desean Jackson so far. A fact the local writers are picking up on... However, when asked about Jackson Brian Westbrook as usual simply spoke his mind.

"It's obvious that he's going to stretch the field," Westbrook said. "The defense is going to have to plan for him and see where he's at on every possession. His being alone is something that they are going to have to reckon with. And he'll continue to get better as long as we continue to put the ball in his hands. Like we said before, the more playmakers that you can put on the field at once, the more things the defense has to prepare for."

He was even more revealing and honest about how he saw the state of the offense coming into this year.

"I'm tired of seeing eight men in a box," said Westbrook, the NFL's total offense leader last year. "I want to see an opportunity where the defense has to respect our receivers."

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