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Giants lose DE Osi Umenyoria for the year

It's really the nightmare scenario for any fan. One of your important players lost for the season... in a meaningless preseason game. Giants fans are living that nightmare with the news that pro bowl DE Osi Umenyoria is done for the year.

New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora will have season-ending surgery on his injured left knee Tuesday.

Umenyiora was hurt in the second quarter of Saturday's preseason game against the New York Jets, and Dr. Russell Warren told the team on Sunday that an MRI found a tear in his lateral meniscus.

"It was obviously the news that I did not want to hear," coach Tom Coughlin said. "But after listening to the explanation and Dr. Warren's thoughts on it, I am convinced that this is the right procedure and the right way to go."

That makes 2 pro bowl defensive ends that the Giants have lost this season,  Umenyoria to injury and Michael Strahan to retirement. The word is that the Giants may try to lure the 36 year old Strahan, who now works for Fox Sports, out of retirement. Either way, the Giants' pass rush went from a tremendous strength to a major question mark before the season has even begun. I want to beat the Giants twice this year in the worst way... but I'd like to do it with all hands on deck. You never want to see guys get hurt.

It was actually a tough day all around for pro bowl DEs... Shawne Merriman found out that he's been playing with two torn ligaments in his left knee.  Doctors were surprised that he had been able to play on such an injury before they discovered it. I have an idea how he may have played through the pain... how about a butt full of steroids?

It's never good to see a guy get injured, but if there's one guy that deserves to be an example of what happens when you cheat and pump your body full of steroids... it's Merriman. Steroids aren't magic cure alls. When you artificially strenghten yourself one place, it can weaken you in others.

Rant over.

Redskins DE Jason Taylor sprained his knee and may not be ready to play the Skins season opener. Not a major injury, but definitely a concern when it happens to a guy that's 34. By the way, Taylor was injured in a 47-3 loss to the Panthers. 47-3?

Speaking of old guys getting hurt, Brian Dawkins' ankle seems fine and he is likely to be ready to go by the season opener.

“Just from my past experiences with things like this, I didn’t feel anything different than what I was thinking that it was just a sprain,” said Dawkins, who said the ankle has improved significantly. “It’s just one of those things that, when you have an injury after the game, you get a little sore. After that, it starts feeling a lot better.”

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