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Gene Upshaw dies at 63

Sad and surprising news today as NFL hall of famer and director of the player's union Gene Upshaw has died. Upshaw was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer just over the weekend.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

"Gene Upshaw did everything with great dignity, pride, and conviction, "He was the rare individual who earned his place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame both for his accomplishments on the field and for his leadership of the players off the field. He fought hard for the players and always kept his focus on what was best for the game. His leadership played a crucial role in taking the NFL and its players to new heights."

I know many people had their issues with Upshaw as it related to NFL labor agreements... but he was a great player and had a huge influence on the game as we know it.

Thanks to YoPhillyBro for the tip

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