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Eagles message board melts down

After hearing the news of any significant event or rumor related to the Eagles, it's always an adventure to see the action on the Eagles official message board. The news that Kevin Curtis was lost for at least the next several weeks is a tough blow and I just had to see how the board was reacting, and they certainly didn't let me down. Check out a few of my favorite thread titles after the jump...


I can't emotionally deal with this! We are reaching out, please do something for us

Usain Bolt An Eagle? He covers 40 yards in 4.27

Anyone Think Jax could get Rice to come out of Retirement?

Again we will enter the season with no WR"S

Eagles Front Office Sad State of Affairs, Inexcusable Failure

Drew Rosenhaus on my plane to philly siging Anquan Boldin

Reid is the reason Curtis is hurt

Yes, it's a meltdown...

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