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Reading blogs stressed Shawn Andrews


In the past few weeks, Andrews, finally, admitted he didn't know exactly where he was, or where he wanted himself to go. "On the edge," he said. He said he didn't care what people thought, but he found reading message boards and blogs contributed to his stress. He contemplated quitting football, but found working out an exceptional outlet for his pent-up aggression. And, though they never got to suicide, his thoughts were "unrealistic."

To be fair, reading message boards stresses me out too... especially the Eagles'.

I wonder if from now on I should start every post with the words "If you are Shawn Andrews, stop reading?"

Either way, I felt like I had to do some investigating after reading this... Was it part my fault that Andrews went AWOL?

On August 4th I think I was pretty nice to him.

I feel bad for Shawn, but at the same time he could have avoided a lot of the ill will and frustration on the part of fans and the team if he had simply let us all know what was going on in the first place.

Not bad,

On July 29th I attempted to reach out to him through the language of text since that was how he was communicating with everyone...

Shawn, since it seems to be the only way you communicate these days... here's my text to you.

OMG! Y RU not in camp? CMON 2 LeHi. MUSM

Hit me back Shawn.

Silly? Yes. Stressing? I don't think so...

Only July 25th, I may have come off as somewhat unsympathetic...

This story better be real strange and we better find out what is was real quick... Either that or he needs to get into camp and cut this nonsense. If it is really something serious, then I feel bad for the guy... but most reports suggest that whatever is going was not bad enough in the Eagles mind to warrant him missing camp

At least I included the caveat there at the end right?

I guess I'll never know if Shawn Andrews is a BGN reader, but if you google "Eagles blog" guess which site comes up first?

Either way, I'm sorry if I upset you Shawn. We're all really gld to have you back. Srsly.

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