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Desean Jackson, Victor Abiamiri, and are Eagles fans losing interest?

Earlier this offseason we all winced when we heard that Victor Abiamiri, who was being relied upon as an important part of this D-line, injured his wrist and would end up missing significant time. The speculation since then has centered around whether the Eagles second year DE would be placed on IR and miss the whole season. Victor says that won't happen.

"Oh, I'll play this year," Abiamiri said. "I'm confident of that. I'm not going to miss the whole season. I'll be back. I don't know when that will be — they haven't put a timetable on it. I'm just taking it day by day right now and not thinking beyond my next rehab session."

"Yes, it's tough. Yes, I put in a lot of work in the offseason. But I have to look at the bright side. It happened early in the preseason, so that gives me the opportunity to get back sooner and miss less of the season.

"And it's not season-ending. We have the best training staff in the NFL, and I'm just doing everything they tell me. I'm confident I'll get back. I'm getting better.

Let's hope VA's optimism translates to being back on the field... A big, versatile body like Victor would be a welcome addition to the left side of this defensive line.

Desean Jackson caught everyone's eye as the standout performer in the Eagles' first preseason contest and all eyes will be on him again tonight. The speed with which Jackson has picke dup the offense and integrated himself in has surprised some, but not Sean Considine.

"His ability to get open and his ability to get downfield have been impressive," Eagles safety Sean Considine said. "He can create separation and the quarterbacks have a lot of confidence in him, which is pretty unusual for a rookie. It didn't take long for them to figure out he was getting open."

Finally, Rich Hoffman wrote and interesting piece in the DN about the noticeable drop in attendance at the Eagles training camp in Lehigh.

Definition of plummet: from a record 139,123 spectators at 11 practices in 2007 down to 80,227 at 13 practices for which the Eagles announced attendance this year. That is a 42 percent decline overall and a 51 percent decline per session, a shocking drop.

Hoffman argues that it can't be the economy because nearby Dorney Park's attendence was only down slightly... Not the most scientific conclusion I must say...

So let's take an informal poll. Did you skip training camp this year? If so, why?

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