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Quotable: Asante Samuel on Lito Sheppard's contract situation


Asante Samuel addressed the Philly media today and this little tidbit about Lito Sheppard caught my attention...

In particular, Samuel, who missed all of training camp in New England last season with a contract dispute before reporting to the team, said he and Sheppard have found some common ground to stand on. Sheppard, a two-time Pro Bowl cornerback, has been vocal in his request for a new deal.

"We talk about it," Samuel said. "I give him my pointers and my opinion on the whole situation. We can relate (through) that, definitely."

Reporters have repeatedly made mention that Asante and Lito are often seen leaving or arriving at practice together. Clearly, there's no animosity between the players on the field as it relates to Lito's contract unhappiness.

We know Sheldon Brown holds no ill will toward Asante, because back in March Sheldon Brown told us Sheldon Brown doesn't resent the guy.

"They got a great player in Asante Samuel," Brown said of the Eagles. "Fans should be proud of that."

As to what this means for Brown or Sheppard, Brown said: "I have no idea. I haven't spoken to anybody. It would have been nice, if [Samuel] is going to be Sheldon Brown's teammate, for them to give me a chance to meet him."

Brown said that he had spoken with Sheppard, that Sheppard was "fine with it," and wasn't particularly anticipating a trade. He said he couldn't see players being jealous of Samuel's paycheck.

"He's a free agent . . . You can't have resentment toward the player," Brown said.

Honestly, I could listen to Sheldon talk about himself in the third person all day. I get such a kick out of it. Outside of Andrews, when he's happy that is, Sheldon is my favorite Eagle to hear interviewed.

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