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Eagles Notes 8.12.08 - Asante Samuel, Shawn Andrews, & Kolb's future

We start off with the Shawn Andrews situation where we got an "update" from Andy Reid. I use quotations because in reality Andy didn't say anything...

Andy Reid is in no hurry to get Shawn Andrews back on the practice field.

"I want to make sure everything is just real solid around him first," Reid said after yesterday's special teams practice. "I just want to take it day-by-day right now."

Asked when Andrews, the Eagles' two-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman, might begin practicing with his teammates, Reid said only, "We'll see."

Reid said he has had a chance to meet with Andrews face-to-face, and although Reid didn't divulge any details of their meeting, Andrews' return doesn't appear imminent.

I think the important date here will August 22nd against the Pats in Foxboro. Considering that the starters won't play much in the final preseason game, if Andrews is not back on the field by the Pats game I think it may be unlikely that he's ready to go for opening day against the Rams.

Kevin Roberts wrote and interesting column about the future of Kevin Kolb, especially if McNabb stays healthy and looks like he has so far this offseason...

History is not on Kevin Kolb's side.Donovan McNabb is having a fantastic camp, and he looked very sharp in the exhibition opener against Pittsburgh on Friday. Eagles owner Jeff Lurie predicted last week that the McNabb era wouldn't end anytime soon. That's good for the Eagles -- as long as McNabb is healthy and productive -- because he gives them their best chance to win.

But that makes it tougher for Kolb to be good. The longer the Eagles wait on him, the worse his chances get.

In the last 15 years, you know how many quarterbacks made the Pro Bowl who weren't starting by their third season? None. Zero.

Obviously we all know it could end at any minute with McNabb. It's a sad truth us birds fans have to expect... but the fact is that if McNabb does stay healthy the next couple of years, it's hard to see how Kolb could supplant him in the lineup. Eventually this guy is going to want to play, and frankly he should. If it's not here, he's going to want to play somehwere. But like Roberts goes on to say, the Eagles didn't trade up for Kolb to go play for someone else...

[Note by JasonB, 08/12/08 9:49 PM EDT ] It seems that Tony Romo was on the Cowboys roster for 3 years(03, 04, & 05) before he ever got his first chance to start 6 games into the 2006 season. As we know, he's made a pro bowl. So it appears Roberts got the stat wrong.

Brookover has a story about Dan Klecko and his chances of making the team, which he may do by default.

With the Eagles about to complete the Lehigh portion of training camp tomorrow and with three exhibition games remaining, Klecko's odds of making the team have significantly improved, thanks to the release of von Oelhoffen last week and a knee injury that has sidelined veteran Montae Reagor.

"It's a great opportunity for Klecko," Johnson said after yesterday's lightning-shortened practice. "He's done a good job. He's going to play a lot more Thursday night, but he's done a good job."

I must say, I was not impressed by Klecko last Friday. I thought he got pushed around and had trouble holding the point of attack. I do like the guy and I like all the stories about how much heart he has and what not... but he has to earn that spot on the field. Simply being the last guy standing at that 4th DT worries me.

Jim Johnson declared at camp yesterday that Asante Samuel is expected to play and start this Thursday against the Carolina Panthers, but next to whom?

Johnson made a point to say Samuel would play the left side with Brown occupying the right against the Carolina Panthers Thursday night at Lincoln Financial Field.

Samuel is practicing again, but still working himself back the hamstring injury that has kept him out of the entire minicamp. How much Asante plays this Thursday depends on how he responds the next two days in practice.

Jim Johnson also said to expect to see a lot of Jerome McDougle again this Thursday as continues his unlikely but inspiring run to win a roster spot.

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