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Eagles season ticket waiting list update


Today the Eagles have finally announced that they're taking steps to do something about the 60k+ strong waiting list they currently have for Eagles season tickets. They're sending out emails to everyone on the list today asking them to update their information. Clearly this is an attempt to weed out the people that don't want tickets, have dead email addresses, forgot they signed up ect...

You must respond to the email you get by August 8th or you will be purged from the waiting list. If you respond by next Friday you're automatically entered in a drawing for a pair of season tickets next year... nice.

The best part is that the Eagles will finally do what people on the list have been begging them to do since the Linc opened, which is to tell them where they are in line. Sometime in August everyone on the list should be updated as to where they are on the list.

I got my email at 2:50 this afternoon.

You can also update your info here.

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