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10 NFL players on the hot seat, guess which Eagle is on the list?

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Probably the easiest guess you'll make all offseason...

#7 Donovan McNabb, QB - Philadelphia Eagles

In a town whose fans would ask Santa Claus, 'What have you done for us lately?' the guy suiting up at quarterback never feels comfortable sitting down in Philly. With understudy Kevin Kolb learning more of the playbook every day, the pressure on McNabb will intensify. But he could keep Philly happy by handing the ball to Brian Westbrook and flipping it to rookie DeSean Jackson. Here's some good news: the offensive line returns intact. Here's some bad news: Eagles quarterbacks were sacked 49 times last season.

Blah blah, santa claus... blah blah...

That said, I would agree that McNabb is "on the hot seat."