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Eagles owe city of Philadelphia $8 million

There was an interesting little blurb in the Inky the other day about an outstanding debt owed to Philadelphia the current Eagles ownership inherited from the Braman era.


Despite this revenue, a clear commitment to the community and a taxpayer-subsidized stadium, the Eagles still have an outstanding debt to the city of about $8 million. If you check Mayor Nutter's budget, you'll see a line item anticipating payment with the same maybe-someday look it's had in the past five budgets. This seemingly small debt stems from the original deal to keep the Eagles in Philadelphia through the city's construction of the luxury suites at Vet stadium.


WHEN current ownership bought the team, it took on all of the agreements of the previous owners, including those for the Vet. Without this agreement, the new owners might not have been able to buy the Eagles, as the team seemed headed to Phoenix without the deal for the suites.

The Eagles have disputed the debt on several grounds including that canceled preseason game against the Ravens several years ago. Of course the Eagles canceled that preseason game because they felt the turf at the vet was in such poor shape that a game could not be played on it. It just so happened that at the time they were trying to secure city funding for a brand new stadium...

The team is within their rights to dispute a bill, just like any other business. But the Fightin' Phils settled up a similar debt long ago. Eight million dollars-plus isn't chump change. The funds owed could pay for 80 or so police officers on the street, increase the recreation department budget by about 25 percent or fund a host of worthwhile programs in various city departments. *

You could certainly say they owe use a superbowl title as well... Tell you what, give us the title this year and lets call the $8 mil a wash?

And while I'm at it... I want to thank Cavorting Eagle for doing a fine job filling in for me last week and I want thank everyone for all the great fanposts and participation over the past week!

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