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Andy Reid cracks the whip at Lehigh



I was perusing the Eagles practice blog over at the official site and got a kick out of this particular entry...

3:04 PM - The jovial, happy-go-lucky atmosphere does not last for long because Andy Reid notices that the team looks like they are "going through the motions."  The afternoon practice is supposed to be a run through of 10 offensive, 10 defensive, and 10 special teams plays.  Half way through the defensive set Reid tells the first team to come back on the field and g back five plays. He was displeased that the defense was not making the interceptions.  "Get your hands on the ball," he says. "I don't care about the ball on the ground, I want the ball in the air."  He is loud enough for the fans to hear him and they love it.  The coach sets the tone and the players responded.  Stewart Bradley, Sheldon Brown, and Quintin Demps all picked off passes following Reid's instructions.

I can not wait to get out to Lehigh this weekend!

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