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Campin': Eagles Camp Report 7.30.08

Eagles trainer Rick Burkhalter talked about the scary situation that led to Chris Clemons being hospitalized. When new players come in, the training staff has to learn about his physiology and what his body can handle. Burkhalter isn't as familiar with the newly signed Clemons as he is with other players, but he knew something was wrong.

"You know when you look at a player, he doesn't look back at you and can't answer your questions, that it's not normal," he said. "Here's a guy that I know he's in trouble and he can't answer my questions, that's when you don't worry about blood pressure, you don't worry about any of that.

"At that point you say, "Let's go. We're going.' "

Scary situation indeed, but I'm very happy to hear Clemons is fine. I also think this kinda as fans going up to just watch practice, we really shouldn't complain about the heat...

In other injury news, Victor Abiamiri's season could be in jeopardy.

Eagles coach Andy Reid said after yesterday's morning session that the worst-case scenario for Abiamiri's recovery would be 4 months, which would be late November. A second-year player trying to earn a role in training camp probably isn't going to earn one in late November for the final month of the season. What would determine if this were the worst-case? If the surgery required screws, Reid said, that would be bad.

As it turns out, he did need screws. The Eagles are saying at the very least he'll miss all of training camp. For a second year player trying to learn and earn a role on the team, that could effectively mean the end of his season.

Abiamiri was expected to play a significant role this year, something Andy Reid lamented.

"It's not good. He was playing well," Reid said. "We're lucky we have numbers there, but he was definitely a guy that we were expecting to be in there from the get-go. He was competing for a starting job there."

Na Brown Award Update

Up until yesterday, it appeared retired Eagles WR Harold Carmichael's campaign for the 2008 Na Brown was set to go unchallenged... Enter Jamal Jones.

Based on yesterday's performance at the morning session of training camp, Jones may not need a Walter Mitty moment to survive cuts. The 5-foot-11, 205-pound speedster hauled in a number of passes - including two long-gainers - that impressed coach Andy Reid and perhaps the toughest critics - the fans.

I'll be keeping an eye on Jamal Jones from here on out...

Everything is ok with McNabb

Les Bowen made a great observation about McNabb's role in camp this year.

You almost tend to forget No. 5 is here, or at least, tend to forget that his future with the Eagles seems to be hanging on a big comeback season, and that the Birds' playoff hopes also are predicated on that premise.

There is no McNabb controversy this year, though. No sniping superstar wideout. No injury comeback. The whole Kevin Kolb-looking-over-McNabb's-shoulder angle is no longer fresh.

For once, McNabb can just run the offense - he looks really fit and pretty sharp, by the way - without having every throw and every gesture endlessly dissected. It must be nice.

He's absolutely right. The expectations for McNabb are as high as ever, but for once any drama or controversey surrounding camp has nothing to do with him. It should be excited to see McNabb enter a season fully healthy, not coming off rehab and free of distractions.

Speaking of McNabb, he seems remarkably unconcerned about Shawn Andrew's abscence.

Shawn will be back," McNabb said. "I'm sure of that. When he comes back, it will kind of be like he's been here. I haven't spoken to him personally. We have just kind of played phone tag. But he assured me that things will be fine and that he will be back."

McNabb said that when Andrews does come back he'll be welcomed "with open arms." Open arms?

Time to give Booker his due

I'm my zeal to find the 08 Na Brown award winner, which is given to the no name guy that makes the biggest impact at camp, I feel like I've ignored a guy that was expected to contribute this year and has arguably been the standout perform at Lehigh this year. Lorenzo Booker. Dave over at Eagle Scout is suggesting that Booker could be his training camp darling of the year.

The Eagles own website agreed.

Lorenzo Booker could be the "training camp darling" of 2008 up to this point. The second-year running back out of Florida State broke a 60-yard run off a reverse play during Monday morning's practice. (Eagles special teams coach) Rory Segrest said that Booker has made a similar impression in the return game.

In fact, Booker has made such an impression on Segrest that he's been named the starting kick returner. That could change depending on what happens in preseason, but for now Lorenzo Booker is slated to return the opening kickoff in 2008.

Lehigh Pilgrimage

Finally, as I said earlier this week I'm headed up to Lehigh with some friends this Sunday and I'll be staynig over into Monday. If anyone else is heading up I'd live to hang out or if anyone wants to stay over let me know!

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