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Shawn Andrews texts another member of local media

So far Shawn Andrews has texted little tidbits about his situation to Dave Spadaro, Reuben Frank, and NBC's John Clark. So far he has yet to speak publicly in anyway about his.. situation.

But he continues to text. This time, ESPN Radio 950.

"You can let them know all the rumors are not true.  From contractual to retirement, and GOD knows whatever else is being said!!  I'm prayed up right now and trying to get right."

Surely the likes of Les Bowen, Howard Eskin, & G Cobb are all waiting with baited breath for their Andrews text...

Shawn, since it seems to be the only way you communicate these days... here's my text to you.

OMG! Y RU not in camp? CMON 2 LeHi. MUSM

Hit me back Shawn.

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