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Chris Clemons hospitalized with dehydration

Scary news from Eagles camp this morning as newly signed free agent DE Chris Clemons left Lehigh in an ambulance with dehydration symptoms. reports that trainers had trouble bringing down his body temperature and he needed to be helped into the lockerroom. Andy Reid followed the ambulance to the hospital.

Obviously after the heat exhaustion death of the Viking's Korey Stringer teams are being very cautious with this type of stuff.

it's hot out there, and these guys are working hard.

[Note by JasonB, 07/29/08 1:50 PM EDT ] PFT is reporting that Clemons has been released from the hospital and is headed back to the team facility. Good news.

[Note by JasonB, 07/29/08 4:50 PM EDT ] Shock! PFT had poor information. According to Clemons has not been released from the hospital, but he is stable and is scheduled to be released at some point tonight.

Here is the PFT retraction

The source whom we thought told us that Eagles defensive end Chris Clemons is out of the hospital now informs us that Clemons actually is still in the hospital.

We apologize for the error.  (It’s not the source’s fault — we misunderstood what we’d been told.  Again, we apologize for the error.)"

The best part is the first comment on the post...

Oh! You mistook “in” for “out”. Your 15 children must be very appreciative.


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