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Brian Westbrook addresses the media at camp


Some highlights from Brian Westbrook's press conference at Lehigh today.

- Says he has no specific timetable for when a new deal gets done. He just knows that currently his agent and the Eagles are working on it and that they're going back forth with numbers.

- Says he wants to work out a deal that both he and the Eagles will feel comfortable with.

- Asked whether he would play in a preseason game without a new deal, he said that's a bridge you cross when you get there.

-Talked about other RBs who played a long time in the NFL and stayed productive.

- Asked whether he was looking for a contract extension or whether he was simply looking for more money over the next 3 years of his deal. He says his agent and Joe Banner are exploring several different ways to make the numbers work but haven't found one yet. He's not looking for any specific way.

- Said several times he wants to "compensated like a top RB in the NFL should be"

- Said he was impressed with Booker and thinks he can only help the team. The more athletes the offense has the more of an advantage they have and Booker will help there. Doesn't know whether Booker's presence will affect the amount of touches he'll get. Says he just has to be productive as he can with the touches he gets.

- Asked whether he's talked to Shawn Andrews(this is straight from the Eagles site) "'ve talked to Shawn. Shawn's a great player, and just like I was saying before, you want to get the 11 best players on the field at one time to be the best team that you can be. I think that we definitely need him here. He's a great player, he's a great guy, he's a Pro Bowler. For us to miss him, we're going to miss a lot, and I'm hoping he gets back home."

So we get no closer to figuring out this Shawn Andrews saga...

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