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Campin' - Eagles Camp report 7.28.08


*cough* First, injuries *throat clear*

Asante Samuel had an MRI yesterday and has been listed as "day to day" with a "mild strain" of his hamstring.

Bad news for Victor Abiamiri

E Victor Abiamiri injured his right wrist in Sunday morning's practice and may miss a significant amount of action in training camp, according to coach Andy Reid. He is going to undergo further tests and evaluations by doctors today. Heading into his second season, the 2007 second round draft pick from Notre Dame is slated to play a big role in the Eagles defensive line rotation.

It's one thing for Asante Samuel, a NFL vet and proven pro bowl player to miss parts of camp... but for a young player entering his second year hoping to play a significant role on this team this could be very bad.

Shawn Andrews drama update

Just when you thought we'd got all the bizarre and cryptic news possible on the situation...

Channel 10's John Clark reported that when he asked Andrews, in a text message yesterday, when the two-time Pro Bowler thought he'd be in camp, Andrews texted back: "I can't predict that."

Andrews also sent a text to Reuben Frank who asked Shawn if he was thinking about retiring "“I'm trying to shoot for the Hall of Fame, why would I do that?” Andrews said last night via text message. “My journey is just rough right now.”

His agent would only say that he's "working" to get Andrews up to Lehigh. This is annoying.

Speaking of Shawn Andrews, his abscence has given a trimmed down Max Jean-Gilles a chance to impress at right guard.

The defense might be ahead of the offense at this point in camp - and the defense was ahead yesterday morning, way ahead - but Jean-Gilles, now in his third season out of Georgia, looks pretty comfortable so far. It was his block that sprang Brian Westbrook on a 60-yard touchdown run during one of the two live periods of the practice. All together, the Eagles did 57 minutes of live hitting yesterday morning, a bunch.

Max also had the quote of the day...

Jean-Gilles got himself noticed Sunday with a couple of photo-worthy blocks. Using all of his 357 pounds, Jean-Gilles collapsed 240-pound linebacker Pago Togafau on a screen pass thrown to Brian Westbrook. Togafau deserves a star for staying on the field.
"I really didn't put much effort into it," Jean-Gilles said. "He just ran into my belly."

All the Lito Sheppard news that's fit to print!

For anyone wondering whether there's tension between Lito Sheppard and new signing Asante Samuel...

Sheppard has been driving injured teammate Asante Samuel, who was handed the left corner job and $57 million to play it, around the Lehigh University campus. Maybe Shep was picking the brain of Samuel, who contentiously played out his last year with the New England Patriots.

This doesn't mean Lito is happy. In fact, our pal Drew Rosenhaus was up at Lehigh yesterday and had a sit down with Joe Banner, Andy Reid, and Lito. Andy Reid was the only person who spoke about the meeting and he really didn't say much telling the Eagles web site, "they were able to express their feelings and we were able to do the same. It was good, open communication.

When Lito was asked about the meeting he got a little defensive with reporters...

"I'm still practicing," Sheppard said, when asked about the situation.

"I'm going to ask y'all a question," Sheppard said to two reporters, as he climbed into his 4x4 pickup. "Y'all posted this - y'all said I'm trying to prove I'm a starter. I'm not trying to prove I'm a starter; I am a starter. So I think y'all need to recorrect that quote."

I actually agree with Lito here. I've been writing this for months. The beat writers in this town have written over and over about how Lito has lost his starting job which just isn't true. It's true that he usually occupied the starting spot on the left side, which will now be patrolled by Asante Samuel but there's been no indication that Lito couldn't earn a starting spot on the other side. In fact, if he's healthy there can be little doubt in my mind that he'd beat out Sheldon.

Shock of the day

Les Bowen has awarded his hit of the day to none other than... Sean Considine! Connie blew up full back Jason Davis on a play that doesn't bode well for Jason Davis...

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