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Shawn Andrews is giving me dejavu


You all may remember last year when Shawn Andrews missed a good portion of training camp due to an ankle injury. The Eagles insisted it was a simple sprain and nothing to worry about whereas Andrews was getting teary eyed an asking people to pray for him... The whole thing led Les Bowen of the Daily News to find some unnamed doctor to talk about some sort of serious ankle condition that Andrews could possibly have. It was all very dramatic...


In the end, Andrews was fine and claimed he was just joking with everyone.

If you like to re-live last year's Andrews drama, check out my 4 part coverage of it from that time.

Is Shawn Andrews just being dramatic?

Is Shawn Andrews just being dramatic" Part 2

Is Shawn Andrews just being dramatic" Part 3, seriously it looks like he is

and of course the penultimate...

Was Shawn Andrews just being dramatic? Part 4, he says yes

This year, it's starting to feel eerly similar. Marty Morningwheg was asked if the "personal reasons" that kept him out of some offseason mincamps were the same that were keeping him out now"

"I can say this is a little bit related to that," Moran said. "It's not 100 percent related, but there's a little tie-in."

What is he talking about? What does that even mean? Then we get this cryptic stuff from Dave Spadaro

Andrews' story is a strange one, and in the coming days I'm sure the reasons for his absence will become clear. I spoke to him on Thursday night, wished him the best of luck and hoped everything works out for him.

"In time, it will be," said Andrews.

This story better be real strange and we better find out what is was real quick... Either that or he needs to get into camp and cut this nonsense. If it is really something serious, then I feel bad for the guy... but most reports suggest that whatever is going was not bad enough in the Eagles mind to warrant him missing camp. He's been placed on the injured/did not report list and presumably will be fined by the team for every day he misses.

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