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Quotable: Veterans report to camp

34 year old Jon Runyan was downright giddy in his assesment of Andy Reid's newly formed "30+ plus club" which is intended to give some older veterans extra rest.

"Can I get my years retroactive?" he said, jokingly. "I wouldn't have to practice at all; I'd take the whole year off."

"Just going through it myself, there's a limit to what your batteries have left in them," Runyan said. "You liken it to the whole rechargeable battery. You keep trying to recharge it too many times, it doesn't come back the same."

Kevin Curtis was also happy, having just celebrated his 30th birthday

"I just turned 30" on July 17, Curtis said. "I never thought I'd be so happy to be 30."

Curtis was asked whether Reid knew he had just turned 30.

"If he doesn't, I'll remind him," the Eagles' No. 1 receiver said.

Brian Westbrook showed up on time for camp, but left no doubt as to his unhappiness with his contract

"I'm here," Westbrook said. "Whether I'm reluctant, I'm still here. I'm coming here to be here with my teammates, to compete for a job, and do everything I can to help this team win."

Shawn Andrews' reason for not showing up to camp remains a mystery, but his agent is adamant it has nothing to do with his contract. It also seems that the Eagles do know what that reason is.

"It's for personal reasons," agent Rich Moran said. "He's been in contact with the Eagles, and we're working on getting him there. This has absolutely nothing to do with his contract. He talked to Andy Reid, and we're working through it."

Andrews also missed the final week of the Eagles' spring camp at the NovaCare Complex for what the Eagles described as personal reasons.

"I can say this is a little bit related to that," Moran said. "It's not 100 percent related, but there's a little tie-in."

Sheldon Brown spoke about the crowded corner situation.

From my standpoint, the key is coming out of training camp with three guys," Brown said of the logjam at cornerback. "There's always injuries. You need depth. That's how I look at it from my personal standpoint."

"You have to put your ego aside," he said. "It depends on the player and how long the player will accept that. Anything's possible as long as we continue to communicate."

I couldn't agree with Sheldon more. The last thing we want is a failure to communicate.

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