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Brian Westbrook & Lito Sheppard report for camp

Breath your sigh of relief... Brian Westbrook is in the house.

I just wanted to give my agent … the opportunity to talk to (team president) Joe (Banner) and get something done," Westbrook said. "I think that the agents that I did not hire have put out a lot of vicious rumors that are trying to ruin my credibility, and all those things that I read definitely are not all true."

Westbrook said holding out was a possibility, but he wanted to create the best opportunity for renegotiating his contract.

Westbrook also backed off his earlier assertion that he was looking for upwards of $30 million guaranteed in a new deal.

"I didn't mention that as a number that I was necessarily looking for," Westbrook said in a comparison with the contract San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson received in 2004. "It was an extreme example, but that's just how contracts work, usually, over the years."

For now, all is well at Lehigh.

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