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Shawn Andrews not at camp, but contract is not an issue


Earlier today a "league source" told Pro Football Talk that Shawn Andrews would hold out of Eagles camp "apparently due to displeasure with his contract."

The "league source" was apparently not anyone from the Eagles or anyone representing Shawn Andrews... from the official site

The Eagles have confirmed that Pro Bowl right guard Shawn Andrews and his agent have told the team that Andrews will not be present for the start of the team's training camp for "personal reasons."

Early reports indicated that Andrews was seeking an adjustment to his current contract, which runs through 2015, but neither Andrews nor the team has talked about the situation publicly. Andrews' agent, Rich Moran, told the Philadelphia Daily News that it is "100 percent wrong" to suggest that the absence is related to Andrews' contract, and that Andrews has talked to head coach Andy Reid today.

Obivously we'd rather Andrews be in camp that not, but it's nice to hear his absence has nothing to do with his contract.

Les Bowen gave PFT a little shot after doing some actual reporting on the story.

Your Eagletarian immediately called Andrews' agent, Rich Moran (which is the sort of thing we old-media types still like to do, rather than just throwing rumors up on the internet to raise sand). Moran said Andrews will not be at Lehigh tonight, but it is "100 percent wrong" to say his absence has anything to do with his contract. Moran said Andrews is dealing with a personal matter. He would not elaborate, other than to say it isn't the kind of personal matter where you check into rehab, or anything.

    "Shawn has been in contact with Andy Reid a couple of times today," Moran said.

You may remember last year when Andrews had some training camp dramatics...

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