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Eagles Notes: Donovan McNabb speaks, Brian Westbrook's true demands revealed?

Donovan McNabb held his first press conference of training camp and nearly every member of the local media wrote about it... #5 was his typical optimitic self

"A lot of people have picked us to win the NFC and rightfully so," McNabb said. "It's not that hard to see the type of team we have. You don't win NFC East

championships, or you don't win the NFC, period, on paper. You put it out on the field. And our team hasn't changed that much where we can't win the NFC again. We've beaten our teams in the NFC; now we just have to do it twice for each team."

It's always good to hear a confident McNabb, but John Smallwood reminds us just how long it's been since Donovan has actually played a playoff game.

Should the Eagles qualify for the playoffs this season, and McNabb is healthy enough, the game that will be played in January 2009 will mark almost 4 calendar years since his last postseason appearance.

McNabb was asked about the Westbrook station and decided to take the Sgt Schultz tact...



"I didn't hear about the whole situation until pretty much the day before I got here," McNabb said. "That part is none of my business."

Speaking of Westbrook, Pro Football Talk says they have a source with knowledge of the Westbrook contract situation and ha some disturbing news about what his demands might be...

Per a league source, Brian Westbrook is looking for a new deal that pays him $30 million over the first three years.

We’re told that Westbrook picked his new agent, Todd France, based on the fact that France was the only one who would guarantee that he could get Westbrook a certain level of compensation.

Per a league source, multiple other agents withdrew from the running once it became clear that Westbrook was treating the process like a hand of high-stakes Texas Hold ‘Em.

No team, the Eagles or otherwise are giving Westbrook that kind of money... I hope this is just a negotiation, because if he's firm on that demand this could go bad fast. That said, the feeling around most of the local media is that the Eagles are very motivated to get a deal done with Westbrook. With his new agent, who also represents Omar Gaither, also motivated hopefully something will be worked out by opening day. Either way it seems very unlikely that Westbrook will not report to camp.

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