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Harold Carmichael emerges as early Na Brown award favorite

Now that camp is officially underway our eyes and ears must be open for potential Na Brown Award candidates. The Na Brown award is given to the surprise player that wasn't a top pic but wows everyone at camp. Recent winners include current Eagles Brent Celek & Hank Baskett.


Usually the best place to start looking for candidates is in the words of Eagles web guy Dave Spadaro(and his team). Dave post regular stories on camp, maintains a blow by blow blog, and does daily video & audio reports from camp.

In perusing the blog from today's practice... one name jumped out a few times. Eagle great Harold Carmichael!

9:08 AM - There's a big target on the field catching passes from the quarterbacks. Looks like he's been doing it for years. Well, actually, he has. Harold Carmichael is running routes as the QBs warm up, and he's drawn the attention of just about everyone in attendance. He makes a great shoestring catch on the sidelines from Kevin Kolb, and asks the media jokingly, "Did I get it?"

9:49 AM - The star of the first practice, director of player personnel Harold Carmichael, is absolutely all over the place today. He's now instructing running backs Ryan Moats and Jed Collins, both of who have been running flat routes all day.

Given the fact that Carmichael retired from the NFL over 20 years ago, he certainly qualifies as a surprise which is the first requirement of all Na Brown award nominees.... and I think his performance on the field today more than fills the other requirements for the award.

So here's to you Mr Carmichael! The leader in the clubhouse for the 2008 Na Brown award!

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