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Eagles skirting the roster rules a bit?

I saw this little note from a Lancaster paper today that on it's face is barely worth mentioning but  got me thinking a bit.

Former Manheim Central star and current Columbus Destroyers quarterback Matt Nagy has landed a spot as the Eagles intern QB coach this summer.

He'll report to Lehigh on Monday.

With a 10 draft picks coming into camp this year and lots of picks from previous years, the Eagles camp roster has swelled to a bit bigger than usual and put them firmly up against the limit of players allowed in an NFL camp.. In any previous year the Eagles would normally bring in a "camp arm", basically and extra QB to run a scout team, play the 4th quarter of an exhibition game, and generally get some snaps to give the top 3 a breather. You'll remember names like Timmy Chang, Ron Powlus ect and most recently Casey Hansen.

However, with the roster so jam packed it looks like the Eagles have decided not to use a roster spot on a 4th QB. However, I'm sure they'll still want an extra arm to take some snaps and I have a feeling that guy is Matt Nagy. It'll worth seeing what his role is in camp and whether he functions more as a coach or more as 4th QB.

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