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The Linc 7.18.08 Santa Deserved It edition

Have you stepped into Club 93 yet? Trevor Laws has completely redone his site in Eagles Green. (


Iggles Blog and Bounty Bowl have concluded their blogstravaganza. Tears were shed, laughs were had, and Buddy Ryan be praised. (Iggles Blog & Bounty Bowl)

I have to agree with Enrico, this image gets me excited too... (700 Level)

At least one national columnist has picked the Eagles as a playoff team this season. (Eagles Gab)

Comcast has been profiling the newest Eagles and most recently decided to give Mike McGlynn his time in the sun. (Eagle Scout)

A newer Eagles blogger vented his frustration at the Eagles front office after it broke that both Lito and Westbrook fired their agents in search of a better deal. (Bleed Eagles Green)

Speaking of newer blogs, my new favorite named blog had some thoughts on the Westbrook situation. (Santa Deserved It)

A fond look back at the day the Eagles parted the Red Sea in 2005 at Arrowhead stadium. Certainly a fine memory from what ended up as a disastrous season. (Inside the Iggles)

While we're reminiscing, why not reflect on the best there ever was? (Fandemonium)

Packers fans have declared their love for Favre the only way they know how. With corn. (With Leather)

Don't bet against the Phillies or you may end up homeless... (Deadspin)

Finally, in deference to continuing BGN obsession Megan Fox... I'd like to declare my love for Star Wars. What great... movies. (WWTDD)

The Eagles fan in today's pic is Nicky Kennedy

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