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Andy Reid enters year ten with the Eagles


It's almost crazy to think. Andy Reid has been the coach of this team for a decade. Les Bowen reminds of what it was like before he arrived

Immediately before Reid's arrival, the record books reveal there was a time when the Eagles made the playoffs just twice in 6 years and won a total of one postseason game. Somehow, evoking the contrast between this era and Reid's six playoff appearances in 9 years, with a postseason record of 8-6, does not elicit a similarly passionate response.

Since Jeff Lurie decided to hire a no name guy that had been not even been a coordinator at the NFL level, Andy has went on to become the winningest coach in team history and this year will surprass Greasy Neale as it's longest tenured.

This is why it's so odd to read these stories in the offseason asking whether Andy is "on the hot seat" and if he doesn't win this year could it be his last? Honestly, it's gotten hard to imagine the Eagles without Andy. But is that healthy? Has Andy already done enough to lose his job but instead hung on because everyone is so familiar with him? I don't think so, but it does raise an interesting question. What would Andy have to do to lose his job?

Considering we did not make the playoffs last year would a second straight year out of the postseason be enough? Would he get one more shot after that? Let's do an informal poll. There's no set choices, I just want you to tell me what it would take for you to say bye to Reid. Maybe you're already there...

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