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McNabb and the boys working in Arizona

Donovan McNabb checked in on his blog yesterday to fill us in on what he's up to Arizona this week.

Just wanted to check in from Arizona again. I've been out here this week working out with a few guys including Brian Dawkins, LJ Smith, Jason Avant, Hank Baskett and Lorenzo Booker.

We have been getting after it from sunup to sundown. We start at Fischer Sports, a place I have been working out at most of the offseason. Brett Fischer – an Eagles fan from Bucks County - is a physical therapist, certified athletic trainer and strength and conditioning specialist. He has helped me through what he calls functional training. We mimic the motions that we use on the football field. For me it might be an emphasis on using my abdominals, hips and lower body to create torque when I throw the ball. For some of the other guys it might be trying to get explosion out of their cuts.

If I remember correct, usually Reggie Brown would head out to Arizona to work with McNabb. I'm somewhat surprised he's not there this year... that said, I don't read much into it.

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