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Draft pick signing dilema explained

Earlier this week we explored the issue of the Eagles two remaning unsigned picks and how only one other second round pick from this year's had signed. To date only two second rounders and three first rounders have signed a contract. With training camp for some teams starting as early as this weekend it's starting to become a problem. ESPN's John Clayton shed a little more light on the hold up...

On Tuesday, the NFLPA filed a brief seeking a decision of a Special Master. Without getting too complicated, the dispute revolves around the interpretation guaranteed one-time bonuses and the way those guarantees are interpreted within the rookie pool.

Under the rookie pool, base salaries can only increase 25 percent per year, but agents found a loophole in which a draft choice can receive a one-time bonus and guarantee it in the final year of the contract. This particularly affects second-round choices because they sign four-year deals. The problem in this summer's negotiations is that there is no collective bargaining agreement in 2011 so the fourth year of the contract can't be involved in any kind of guarantees.

The special master is set to rule next week. Eagles rookies are due to report to camp Monday. I would have to imagine the Eagles have a framework of a deal in place with Laws and Jackson and will move quickly to get their signatures once the ruling comes down, but so far it looks like those two will miss at least a few days of camp while this matter gets settled.

This is a pretty unfortunate situation for rookies who could possibly miss parts of camp due to an issue between the union and the NFL that they can't control.

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