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Brett Favre to Redskins? Please let this happen.


The rumor from PFT is that the Redskins could be trading a first round pick to the Packers for the services of 38 year old QB Brett Farve. The Panthers are also reportedly  interested...

A reader tells us that WFAN’s Mike Francesa said earlier this afternoon that the Packers could be trading quarterback Brett Favre to the Carolina Panthers or the Washington Redskins for a conditional first-round draft pick.

The problem in that regard is that the Panthers don’t own a first-rounder in 2009; they traded it to the Eagles.  But maybe the Packers would settle for the equivalent of a round-one selection under the points chart that teams use to value draft picks.

We’d previously heard that Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, had been saying privately that Favre wants to play for the Panthers.

A flimsy rumor at best. If anything, it would appear that carolina is his most likely destination... but I'd give anything for the chance to face Favre twice a year. With his proclivity for interceptions and our new secondary... That could be fun!

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