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Donovan McNabb: "I'm feeling great, the shoulder is fine"


In his latest blog over on yardbarker Donovan McNabb gave his thoughts on all the goings on Philly sports these days(watch out Enrico!). He's made no secret of his intention to get into broadcasting when his playing days are over so it was pretty cool to hear insights on the Sixers signing of Elton Brand and the Soul heading to the Arena bowl title game. However, for Eagles fans he did finish up with something we should all be happy to hear...

Speaking of the Eagles, fans might be happy to know that I'm in Arizona working out with Brian Dawkins. Next week some other players will come out and we'll work together for a few days before training camp opens. I'm feeling great, the shoulder is fine, and I can't wait to get started this season.

This is basically what he told Sal Pal last week, but it's always nice to hear from 5 himself.

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