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You won't believe why Andy Reid is on the hot seat

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Tom Curran, of MSNBC, wrote another one of these lists of people "on the hot seat" which I'm finding is a pretty typical offseason thing to do.

Curran's list was NFL head coaches on the hot seat. The odd thing about this particular list is that included fifteen head coaches. It seems it doesn't take much to get on the hot seat these days huh?

He listed Andy Reid as #14... but why? He's fat.

I'm not joking.

And the blunt truth of it is, Reid could probably use a year off to lose some pounds and help get his sons' lives in order since their well-documented legal scrapes of 2007.

Again he dredges up the tired old stuff about Andy's kids that's been asked and answered 50 times already. But to talk about a guy's wieght? Seems a little out of bounds and unnecessary to me.

The fit, trim, and stylish Mike Nolan of the 49ers was #1 on the hot list...