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The Linc 7.10.08 Na Brown Award edition

There may only be 2 or 3 pictures of Na Brown in existence... I found one. T1_brown_ap-01_medium

There was some fairly significant news in the world of Philly Sports this week, the signing of Elton Brand by the Sixers. Depressed Fan offered his thoughts. (Depressed Fan)

Is Andy Reid on the hot seat? One Eagles blog gabs about the idea. (Eagles Gab)

There is an epic blogstravaganza underway between Iggles Blog & Bounty Bowl. Imagine the Lincoln Douglas debates only funny and with more compliments back and forth. (Iggles Blog & Bounty Bowl)

Here's a look at this year's nominees for what I'll call the "Na Brown Award" for this year's Eagles training camp darling. I've always toyed with calling him "Miss Lehigh 2008." We'll see. (Eagle Scout)

On another note, did you know there really is a Miss Lehigh?

Another Eagles blogger has managed to rile up Cowboy fans all over the country. (Inside the Iggles)

The Phillies want you to vote in Pat Burrell as the final NL Allstar. (700 Level)

While we're on baseball, I give you the greatest SI cover of all time... (Huge Tiny Mistake)

It's much much cheaper to see Bon Jovi's football team than it is his band... BTW the Soul have advanced to the conference title game! (Fortress of Pillows)

Eagletarian checks in on vacation to give some thoughts on the team leading up to Lehigh, including the ironic name of Jevon Kearse's boat. (Eagletarian)

This Jason Giambi moustache nonsense has gone a bit too far. I shaved all my facial hair in protest. (With Leather)

BGN obsession Megan Fox went for a walk the other day, which in our world is big news. (WWTDD)

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