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Michael Strahan retires

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I figured this was big enough news to post here on BGN... Donovan McNabb can sleep a little easier tonight now that Michael Strahan has decided to hang em up.

Strahan, 36, has told exclusively that he has decided to retire.

"It was important that my teammates knew which way I was going before they got on the field to start the work to defend our title," the team's all-time sack leader said from California. "It's time. I'm done."

Strahan finally made up his mind a week ago, but wanted to take the extra days to make sure his feeling on the matter was 100 percent.

Riding off into the sunset with a superbowl ring on your hand. Not  a bad way to go out. I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of Strahan's gap toothed grin in the broadcasting world since, to be honest, he's a pretty funny and insightful guy when talking football. Despite the fact he is a hated rival I don't think I'll mind hearing his thoughts. Look at it this way, every former jock that enters the media pushes Merrel Hodge one step closer to being out of our hair.

One thing we unfortunately won't be seeing is another round of one of the great trench rivalries in the past decade...



Oh and let's not forget... this makes for one less elite pass rusher on the New York Giants this coming year and that is a very good thing.