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Did we say FB? We meant DT.

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When this happened , it was a sure sign that this was inevitable...

Dan Klecko is a fullback no more. At Monday's OTA, Klecko was moved back to defensive tackle, which is where he will now play.

Klecko was signed by the Eagles in March to play fullback on a full-time basis for the first time in his career. However, when the Eagles acquired Klecko's former teammate in Indianapolis, Luke Lawton, on Friday for a conditional draft pick, Klecko went back to a more familiar post.

Obviously the Eagles saw that Klecko, even without pads, was not moving well enough to actually play fullback full time. Good news for Klecko is that the 4th(and likely final) DT spot is basically wide open. Patterson, Bunkley, and Laws are all locks but any number of guys could win that final DT slot and Klecko will have as good a shot as any.

I suppose if he did make the team, there's a chance he could still play a goal line FB role like Nick Cole did last year.