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Sheldon Brown, team guy.


In an article that more or less claims that the Eagles should give Lito Sheppard everything he wants in the interest of team unity, Bob Grotz did capture this pretty solid quote from Sheldon Brown about what role he'd accept this year.

"Would I be willing to lose snaps for one year to try to win it all?" Brown said rhetorically. "I would be willing to do that for one year. I’m trying to win a title. Do I think we’re better with me on the field? Oh, no doubt in my mind. And if they don’t think that me being on the field is not helping them win, I don’t need to be here. And I’ll tell Coach Reid that. ‘If me being on the football field is not making you better, than I’m not doing you justice being on this football team.’ "

Gotta love that... Although I am somewhat disappointed that Sheldon didn't refer to himself in the 3rd person, which he has in almost every interview for the past 2 years.

Later in the piece, in discussing the Lito situation, Grotz wrote something that caught my eye...

It will take a lot less hammer, a lot less arrogance and a lot more communication and compassion to heal the relationship that has fragmented the locker room and spawned enough ugliness to blow up into a Chad Johnson-type spectacle.

Really? Now, obviously I'm not in the locker room every day. I don't cover the team from the inside... but by all reports I've read, this description of the situation appears to be grossly overblown.