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Luke Lawton - What they're saying

Bob Grotz in the Delco Times talked about Lawton's versatility.

Lawton can play running back and H-back as well as special teams. He also can long-snap and even return kickoffs, having clocked a 4.52 in the 40-yard dash at 240 pounds a few years ago at his pro day, according to his recollection.


The ability to long snap is interesting. As nice a guy Dorenbos is, I've said several times how I think he's basically a wasted roster spot because he does nothin

g outside of long snapping. At least back when we had Mike Bartrum he was a pretty good red zone TE. I'd love it if a guy like Lawton who might be able to make some sort of contribution elsewhere could win the long snapping job.

The conclusion most of us came to when the this trade came down was that the Eagles must not be overly impressed with Dan Klecko as a FB. It seems he may have gotten the same impression.

Maybe that was why Klecko didn't seem particularly eager to discuss the matter with reporters yesterday.

"He's a good player . . . works real hard, good guy in the locker room," Klecko, a former Temple star as a d-lineman, said of Lawton

Klecko was asked whether adding Lawton would make the fullback situation a bit crowded.

"I don't know. You'll have to ask coach [Andy] Reid," he said.

Klecko repeated the same answer when asked whether anyone had expressed dissatisfaction with the fullbacks.

The other guy vying for the FB spot, Jason Davis, didn't seem all that upset.

"You got to get yourself an opportunity if somebody goes down, or if something doesn't work out, you have a backup plan," he said. "It ain't no slap in the face to myself or Klecko or Jedediah (Collins). Another guy coming, we're going to teach him the offense and get him ready, and we're all gonna compete."

I'm not sure what the "conditional" draft pick trade for Lawton was, but my guess is that if he doesn't make the team that it's possible no picks change hands.

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