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Eagles trade for FB Luke Lawton

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Didn't see this one coming...

INDIANAPOLIS -- Colts reserve running back Luke Lawton was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for a conditional 2009 draft choice.

Lawton played in 11 games last season at running back and special teams. He had five rushes for 13 yards and four receptions for 29 yards, including a one-yard scoring reception against Jacksonville on Dec. 2 for his lone career touchdown.

Lawton spent part of the 2006 season on the Colts' practice squad. He played for the New York Jets in 2005.

Lawton is a big back, at 6-0 240 lbs and hails from McNeese State... which means the Eagles have to be the only team in the NFL with 2 players from McNeese State.

The Eagles trading for another fullback seems like a pretty clear signal that the Dan Kleck experiment hasn't worked..

For now, the Eagles are saying that Lawton is here to compete with Klecko and Davis for the full back job. Between former Colts and McNeese State players, Lawton has several friends on the team.

"This isn't my first rodeo relocating and having to start all over with a new group of guys," Lawton said. "It's going be really good to have Rocky there and Bryan Smith and even Dan Klecko, we were teammates last year, too. Those guys are definitely going to help in the process."

The best part? If he does make the team, fans can convert the old "DUUUUCE" cheer to "LUUUUKE"

Oh and just a small part of me thought of Luke Walton when I read this headline... I don't know why.

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