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The Linc 6.06.08 Pork and Beans edition

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Haven't had the chance to a new edition of "the Linc" in a couple weeks and figured it's to get back to it!


First off, this is an absolute must watch. It's video of Trevor Laws at home the day he was drafted . It's just great to see a young guy realizing his dreams and watching the whole celebration. Gave me chills. (

Speaking of Trevor Laws, he's a lover of the band Modest Mouse (as am

I!) and the victim of poor photoshopping . (Bounty Bowl)

By some sort of metric, another website determined that BGN is the 56th most valuable sports blog on the net. Ok... (Juiced Sports)

As far as sports blogs that probably have real value, the 700 level has a great piece about something that happened recently that probably won't be brought up next time the media decides to bash Philly fans. (700 Level)

ITI grades the 1999 NFL draft . (Inside the Iggles)

Apparently Scott Young's absence was a "personal decision", but his agent was quick to point out that he's done nothing "illegal or immoral." An odd thing to point out for sure... (Eagletarian)

Iggles Blog is still excited about the Eagles LBs , and he's got the numbers to prove it. (Iggles Blog)

Have you ever wondered what happens to the money players pay when they get fined? Me too. (Wall Street Journal)

Jeff Garcia is so upset with his contract situation, he may just hang em up in Tampa. Of course, he does have a pretty good reason to spend more time at home. (700 Level)

APS put up some cool new Eagles wallpapers for your desktop. (All Philadelphia Sports)

Yet another example of horrible writing by a certain member of the local Philly media. This one's a doozy... (Huge Tiny Mistake)

I'm really liking Weezer's new video "Pork and Beans" with all the youtube "stars" in it. Not a bad song either. (Fortress of Pillows)

For anyone that missed the awesome tirade by the Mariner's manager the other night... Please enjoy. (With Leather)

Some tasty shots of BGN fave Megan Fox at the MTV movie awards ! (WWTDD)

Finally, for any twitter users out there that feel like following my ramblings throughout the day you can do so here. (Twitter)