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Eagles Notes: Banner on Lito, Hammy tweaks, McNabb's shoulder

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Joe Banner weighed in on Lito's absence... Didn't say much of anything new, but I suppose it's noteworthy nonetheless.

"He will be with us this year," Banner said of Sheppard, who has been seeking a trade because he is dissatisfied with a contract extension he signed 4 years ago, which runs through 2011. The week before the April 26 NFL draft, a Sheppard trade seemed a sure thing, but it didn't happen then - because the Eagles were asking too much, because teams were reluctant to give Sheppard a new, state-of-the-art contract after he missed 14 games the last three seasons, or because of some combination of those reasons - and, apparently, it won't now. Banner said nothing was happening on the Sheppard trade front.

Desean Jackson and Asante Samuel tweaked their hamstrings.

Rookie wide receiver DeSean Jackson got the first hammy and the other casualty was $60 million cornerback Asante Samuel.

"I don’t think either one of them is bad," said Andy Reid, adding that neither player has a history of hamstring trouble.

Probably the most unsettling news is that it appears McNabb has a sore shoulder according to Kevin Curtis.

"He’s looking good," wide receiver Kevin Curtis said after practice. "But I think he has a little bit of a sore shoulder."

Or does he? Says Andy...

While Reid dismissed the soreness with an, "I don’t think it’s going to be a problem," McNabb’s teammates watched him struggle the first two days of organized team activities at the NovaCare Complex.

McNabb was a little better Wednesday than Tuesday, when he was very un-McNabb-like. More often than not his throws were wild. That said, there were far too many interceptions thrown by all of the Eagles’ quarterbacks Wednesday, including McNabb.

I'm really not concerned about the hamstrings, that's very common in these early practices, but I do think McNabb's shoulder is something worth keeping an eye on. There were reports of this in the first rookie camp back in may, and Andy Reid has admitted to having McNabb on a "pitch count" where he's shut down after a certain amount of throws.