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What on earth is Scott Young thinking?

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Somewhat lost in Lito's absence from yesterday's OTA was that guard Scott Young also decided to skip the voluntary camp.

Eagles coach Andy Reid said he had been warned by Smith that Sheppard would not be attending this camp. He received the same warning from Young's agent, Jeff Courtney, but still seemed miffed about the decision of his fourth-year guard from Brigham Young. Reid said he didn't know why the second-string guard wasn't in attendance.

Young, a fifth-round draft choice in 2005, is entering the final year of his contract and is scheduled to be paid $520,000 this season. After playing in 12 games in 2006, he dressed for just one game last season. If his intent is to get released, he may have helped his cause.

It does seems like Young's intention must be to get cut. With the Eagles pick of Mike McGylnn and Mike Gibson in this year's draft, both guards, he's probably seen the writing on the wall. Getting cut now rather than at the end of camp would probably give him a better shot at catching on somewhere else. That said, it's pretty rare for no name career backups to hold out...

Jon Runyan was asked about Young, a 5th round pick of the Eagles in 2005. His response was classic.

In the Eagles' media guide, Young lists Runyan and Hall of Famer John Hannah as his favorite offensive linemen.

But Runyan had no idea Young was not at practice Tuesday. "Who?"

"I don't think I've spoken 10 words to him my whole life,'' Runyan said.

Sheldon Brown was equally as surprised...

So we got the answer to the question about whether anyone would notice if Scott Young didn't show up at the Eagles' voluntary minicamp.

"Scott Young?" cornerback Sheldon Brown said. "He's not here? Why?"