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A different take on the Roseman promotion

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Late last week the news broke that the Eagles completed a shake up in their front office. VP of Player personnel Jason Licht was let go and Howie Roseman was promoted to replace him.



I was puzzled by the Roseman move and somewhat critical of it. Roseman is a lawyer who joined the Eagles years ago as a capologist and general counsel. The question I asked was "what qualifies Howie Roseman to not only scout players but run an NFL scouting department?" After all, he's just some geek right? What does he know about playing football? The reaction on many of the Eagles' message boards out there was pretty much the same.

"Roseman has never played football, how can he know ANYTHING!?" You know, all the typical macho stuff that goes along with watching/following football...


That said, I thought a bit about it over the weekend and came to a realization about many fans' thinking and even my own.

If a so called "geek"(Riccardi, Epstein, Cashman, Beene ect) were named GM of the Phillies, we'd probably all do cartwheels. These guys that analyze numbers and pour over comparisons and charts are revered in the baseball world.

In football, we have much more of a "macho" attitude. Since Howie Roseman is nothing more than a lawyer who never played football, how can he possibly know anything about the game? Well, how do these baseball guys know anything? None of those guys are jocks, they're numbers guys, analytical guys... yet they're worshiped in baseball circles and run some of the most successful franchises in the sport.

I really don't know if this comparison even applies to Roseman or football in general. Baseball is certainly more of a numbers game than football, or at least we've always thought it was.  I still remain kinda puzzled by the move... but I think this is a perspective that's at least worth thinking about and exploring.  What do you guys think?