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USA Today Player Rankings

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USA today is doing a running column on the best players of today versus the best players of the "Superbowl Era" which I assume means since the NFL and AFL started playing each other to figure out which was the best league.  It's an interesting serial which brings a new postion every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, giving us 3 more weeks of stuff to discuss.

In their discussion of the Cornerbacks of today and yesterday Asante Samuel shows up as the #3 corner presently and he scores high enough to rank him in the top 5 of the Superbowl Era.  I'm not sure that he really deserves to be ranked higher than Michael Haynes, but I'm not really sure that the two can be compared.



I look forward to the upcoming ranking of Running Backs and Quarterbacks.  It'll be interesting to see where Westbrook shows up and whether or not Donovan McNabb gets any votes...