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Matt Mosely on the Eagles

A couple of days ago, Matt Mosley of Hashmarks busted out with several articles on the NFC East (Philly, Dallas, NYG, Skins).  They are all worth reading - know thy enemy know thyself - but we should bear in mind he wants to see controversy where there may not actually be any.

Consider his article on the Birds.  The first portion of the article is dedicated to McNabb's health in general and of McNabb's arm in particular.

This time, the problem had lingered for almost a month. In an offense built around McNabb's getting the ball downfield, a recurring shoulder problem sends up major red flags.

That's in direct conflict with Spadaro's assertion that DMac is probably fine:

From what I can ascertain, based on the talk toward the end of the June passing camp and from what I've seen, quarterback Donovan McNabb is finished with his rehab on his right shoulder and is in Arizona. From what I think, everyone concerned with McNabb's shoulder is confident that he is ready to go for training camp. I could be wrong, but that is my perspective.

Mosely also touches on the Eagles pursuit of Randy Moss and LJ's injury rehab (Russian Kettlebells?...).  He briefly explores Lito's contract situation and suggests we should have gotten a 3rd round pick for him while he "still had value".  Finally, Mosely asks if Reid can bounce back from the tough personal issues of last year:

The Eagles stuck with him through the tough period and he has more motivation than ever to reward them. He knows how important McNabb is to his team's success and he has gone out of his way to make his star quarterback comfortable. McNabb is a fierce competitor, but he's also a sensitive player who reads into every comment. That's why you don't hear a lot people on this coaching staff fawning over Kolb's progress even though he's actually taken some major strides.

In all, Mosely seems to like Philly's chances in the division this year.  His article spends a great deal of energy trying to find things that are wrong with the Birds, but finally ends on a positive note.  This team should be good - presuming it doesn't get bit by injuries again this year.