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NFL network hires Bob Papa as new PBP guy

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All I can say is thank you football gods for making the folks at

NFL network realize that Bryant Gumbel was a complete disaster as a play by play guy. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that Gumbel did the worst job calling a nationally televised game that I've ever heard.

His replacement is Giants' radio play by play guy Bob Papa. Papa, like the other leading candidates, certainly benefited from being a New York guy in close proximity to the NFL heads. That said, I think he's a good choice. I've listened to the Giants radio broadcasts and I've enjoyed Papa's commentary. He's never come across as a homer(I'm not sure he's even a Giants fan) unlike our beloved Merril Reese, and he's got a kind of throwback AM radio style delivery that ends up being very engaging to listen to. He'll certainly have to change his style a bit for TV, but I'm excited to hear it. He does HBO boxing as well so he's no stranger to TV.

Papa is saddled with some truly awful color guys(esp Dick Lynch sorry) doing Giants games, so it should be nice to hear him paired with our pal Chris Collinsworth.

Again, anything is better than Gumbel.