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Lito ready to play "Wherever that may be"

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Last weekend, Lito Sheppard and his cousin Jabar Gaffney held a fitness camp for kids in Jacksonville, Florida. At the event, the local media asked him about his status with the Eagles.

"That part of the business has to take care of itself," Sheppard said. "I'm just preparing myself to play, wherever that might be, but I'm going to be ready."

Of course, the thing that stands out is the phrase "wherever that might be." Hard to know what his intent was, without being able to ask any follow-up questions.

You can check out the video over at Eagle Scout. Despite Lito's implication, I'd still be shocked to see him traded at this point. We're well past the time of the NFL calender when trades of any significance usually happen. It's not impossible, as Stallworth was dealt here after training camp begun... but it's unlikely.