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Anyone want to blog?

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Next week I'm off to Mexico for a much needed vacation. Just a coincidence that my trip is inline with the Eagles' low point... or is it? Either way, I'm not sure how much if any updating I'll be able to do over that week.

So I'm looking for someone interested filling in for me. The qualifications are pretty simple. If you can write a little, be committed to posting every day, feel like you understand the tools of the site(linking, quoting ect) and have something to say about the Eagles even in this slow time... you're qualified!

Anyone that's interested email me bleedinggreenblog (at)

I'm looking to pick just one person for continuity sake... however, I'll check the site whenever I can and I plan on promoting lots of fanposts to the front page. So if you do have something to say about the team, the season, a particular player, anything please write it up in the fanposts!